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Do You Need A Customs Broker?

Many of our competitors state that by using a Customs broker, you remove your risk of penalty and liability; however, this statement is misleading. The fact is that when you engage a Customs broker, accountant or lawyer, you are still liable for their errors. Any work and declarations are services provided, and all advice is rendered on your behalf.

Choose Your Customs Clearance Broker wisely!

We are an Australian Trusted Trader and offer a Duty Minimisation Guarantee.*

You can lodge your own Formal Import Declaration (FID) via form B374 on the Australian Border Force (FBF) website. Fines of Strict Liability under S243T of the Customs Act and Duty recovery processes must be considered when choosing to lodge your own entries. Licensed Customs brokers have studied the Laws and Regulations for over four years, and must have achieved minimum competency scores of over 80%. Individuals are then interviewed by the Regulators, prior to being licensed by the National Customs Brokers Licensing Advisory Committee (NCBLAC), The Department of Home Affairs and ABF. Customs brokers must also maintain Continued Professional Development (CPD) standards each year to retain their License.