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Customs Clearance Adelaide Made Easy

If you are an individual or business owner who is importing goods into Adelaide, SA, then you will require the help of a qualified Australian Customs Clearance specialist. As a ‘Trusted Trader,’ ACC will expedite the clearance process and minimise any duty payable, saving you time and money.

The Adelaide Airport Customs Clearance Experts

Adelaide is the cosmopolitan capital of South Australia and the state is thriving economically. Exporting and importing provides companies with an opportunity to obtain new business while increasing their competitiveness. Innovative parcel-forwarding services such as ‘ShopMate’ has also enabled individuals to enjoy online shopping using an American address while having parcels delivered to an Australian address after Customs clearance. We make the Customs clearance process for ‘ShopMate’ clients easy and accessible. Our brokers can provide advice on the GST and duties payable for all ‘ShopMate’ imports and can assist in the assessment of consolidated consignments.

At ACC we offer tariff consultation, advice on prohibited or restricted goods and import and quarantine permits as well as swift Customs clearance. We lodge your documentation electronically via our integrated brokerage system for fast clearance, pick-up and delivery. Once cleared, you may pick your goods up from the bonded warehouse yourself upon presentation of the release documents, or Australia Post or other couriers will deliver your goods to your door. As licensed Customs brokers in Greater Adelaide, we make clearing your airfreight at Adelaide airport quick and easy. Whether your cargo is arriving at a seaport or airport, our Customs clearance brokers can accelerate the clearance and release of your goods and prevent costly delays.

Our Customs brokers and agents in Adelaide will ensure that all of your Customs documentation is completed accurately and submitted in a timely manner to avoid heavy penalties. It is our network of partners and our level of expertise that provides the peace of mind that your goods will not linger in Customs for a moment longer than necessary. At ACC, our Adelaide Customs brokers and agents will alleviate any stress associated with the Customs process and offer reliable clearance services that will exceed all your expectations.


The No.1 Customs Broker in Adelaide for E-Commerce

If you need an Adelaide Customs broker and clearance expert to handle your e-commerce imports, then look no further than Australian Customs Clearance. We are Adelaide’s premium Customs broker and agent offering clearance services for single parcels or bulk imports that have been purchased online. Our agents will handle all Customs clearance, Quarantine, Duty and GST concerns to facilitate the quick release of all parcels and cargo at the border.

At ACC, our Customs agents in Adelaide are ahead of the game and have expanded their knowledge and expertise in order to accommodate the growing volumes of E-Commerce parcels being imported into the country. There is a multitude of benefits in obtaining professional Customs clearance services in Adelaide and Australia-wide, but the top three benefits are:

1. Compliance
The main reason to use a good Customs clearance broker is to ensure compliance with all rules and regulations regarding the importation of goods into Australia.

2. Efficiency
A licensed Customs broker will ensure that all documentation is completed and lodged accurately and in a timely manner to avoid costly delays in clearance.

3. Duty Minimisation
A qualified Customs broker will apply Duty minimisation strategies to ensure that you only pay the Duty and GST that is absolutely necessary.

Purchasing and importing goods into Australia costs money and any disruption in Customs clearance can have a detrimental effect on your business. Therefore it is essential to engage a qualified and professional Customs clearance expert for all your clearance needs.

If you need professional advice on importing and Customs clearance in Adelaide then give the team at ACC a call today to discuss your needs.