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Airline Cargo

Airfreight customs clearance made simple.


How it Works

Step One
  • You will be notified that your goods have arrived in Australia.
  • Simply complete the online form and submit all supporting documentation including your Air Waybill and suppliers invoice/receipt.
Step Two
  • Your goods are assessed and the team at ACC applies duty minimisation strategies to ensure that duty and GST payable is as low as legally possible. Your declaration is lodged electronically with Customs for the quickest turnaround.
Step Three
  • You will receive email notification with Customs clearance and release documentation, as well as full pick-up and collection instructions.

What you Need

Your Air Waybill
Your supplier commercial Invoice
or Purchase receipt.

If you do not have a Receipt or Commercial invoice,
please download this document to make your Personal Declaration.


What it Costs

Select your service
Customs & Government Fees

Goods ‹ $1,000 = Nil (Conditions apply)
Goods > $1,000 = 5% Duty, 10% GST + $83 Gov Fee
Goods > $10,000 = 5% Duty, 10% GST + $152 Gov Fee

We Guarantee Duty Minimisation for 4 years.

Duty and/or GST exemptions may apply.
Over 82% of Import trade into Australia, can potential gain duty free entry.

As a guide, if duty were to apply, allow 5% Customs Duty + 10% GST Excluding Excisable goods such as Alcohol and tobacco products, these are much higher and based on weight / litres.

Duty Is calculated on the Price paid for your goods, plus and costs to get your items to the Airport in country of origin. Convert these charges to Australian dollars with the exchange rate for the day your goods left the Country of Origin this is the amount you pay your duty % on. GST is charged @ 10% on the Cost of goods + Freight + Insurance + Duty.

Additional charges for clearance services.


Australian Customs Clearance Customs brokers will clear your airline cargo quickly and efficiently while saving you time and money. Simply submit your Air Waybill and supplier’s invoice online then let the team at ACC minimise your duty/GST payable. Once lodged with Customs you will receive an email notification with collection instructions. It's that easy!

Shipping goods into Australia by air freight is a relatively easy process. However, the Customs clearance process is a little more complex. You will require the help of a Customs expert like ACC to help process your goods through Customs upon arrival into Australia. Our Customs brokers will provide expert advice upon request. Alternatively you can fill in the online form to begin processing the clearance of your goods. You will be required to provide information about all imported goods as well as personal details and consignment information. Once all the relevant information has been received, our brokers will assess your cargo to establish duties/GST and charges payable. At ACC, we make Customs Clearance easy and straightforward.

ACC can help with all your Air Freight Customs clearance needs.