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Customs Clearance Services in Tullamarine

The Customs Broker in Tullamarine Who You Can Trust

Melbourne's air imports exceeded 147,000 tonnes in June 2018, and this number is expected to continue to rise in the future. This volume of imports places significant pressure on Customs brokers to keep the clearance process moving and keep back-logs to an absolute minimum. Mistakes in documentation and delays in processing can prove expensive and can incur substantial fines and penalties. Therefore, if you are importing goods via air freight into Melbourne, it is essential that you find yourself a competent and reliable Customs broker in Tullamarine, VIC 3043. Such a huge amount of imports increases the pressure to have goods cleared quickly to ensure that the flow of cargo into and out of any airport or bond facility is unhindered. Tullamarine Airport is Melbourne's busiest airport and imports and exports, Customs clearance and freight brokers are under constant pressure to keep goods moving. In a strategic move, ACC extended our services to cover Tullamarine separately to ensure our clients receive an unprecedented level of service. As Customs agents, we are highly experienced and are expert Customs clearance brokers for importers and exporters requiring quarantine services.

If you have a shipment that is currently en route to Tullamarine, Australia, or freight that is presently held in a bonded facility at Tullamarine, then we can help clear your goods through Customs quickly and easily. Your goods will be available for pick-up upon receipt of the release documentation. Bonded warehouses and facilities at Tullamarine are extremely accessible and our strong network permits the quick retrieval of your consignment. At ACC, we offer a level of service that is unprecedented and exceeds our clients expectations.


Choose the Best Customs Clearance Agents in Tullamarine

ACC have quickly become one of the most reliable Customs clearance agents and brokers in Tullamarine, Melbourne. Servicing individuals and companies, you can contact us for all your clearance needs. We provide Customs clearance services that take the frustration out of the importation and clearance process and can help companies achieve significant business growth. By engaging Australian Customs Clearance as your representative, business owners across Melbourne are able to focus on core business concerns while our brokers process your declarations without any hassle. Our Customs brokerage services in Australia are second to none. We conduct a thorough examination of your goods, prepare and submit your documents and facilitate the payment of duties due. Over 75% of all imports arriving into Australia are covered by Free Trade Agreements, and when combined with Tariff Concession Schemes, over 82% of all imports may achieve Duty-free status with the correct advice and documentation. Additionally, ACC offers a ‘Duty Minimisation Guarantee’ to ensure that you pay as little as legally possible on all your imports. Our Customs clearance system CargoWise One is electronically linked to Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS), Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) and enables us to process declarations quickly and easily.

The importation of goods into Australia is highly regulated and requires professional management to avoid mistakes that may incur heavy penalties. Our brokers are available to offer expert Customs advice and practical solutions to your clearance problems. At ACC, our brokers provide expert advice based on years of experience. We have helped many clients to import into Australia unhindered and cleared on-time and within budget. By choosing ACC, the best Customs clearance agents in Tullamarine, Melbourne, you are making sure your parcel or cargo is cleared quickly, saving you time, money and hassle.

Our Customs brokers at ACC are ready to assist you with your Customs clearance needs in Tullamarine, Melbourne. Give us a call today to discuss your requirements.