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Trusted Customs Clearance in Brisbane

As a proud 'Australian Trusted Trader', you can rely on ACC to process your Customs and Quarantine clearances quickly while minimising any duty payable wherever possible. Our licensed Brisbane Customs brokers are familiar with Brisbane airport schedules and work closely with local bonded warehouse facilities to guarantee a smooth clearance process.

The Customs Clearance Agents in Brisbane
Who Take Care of Your Business

It is advisable to discuss your Customs clearance requirements with our Customs brokers before importing by post or by air into Australia. By obtaining Customs advice in advance, you can avoid any potential delays or complications at the border in Brisbane. We offer a wide range of services and harness a wealth of experience that we use to guide your imports through the Australian Customs process.

Import documentation, including permits and certificates, must be lodged accurately and promptly for the quick turnaround of your shipment. The process is similar for every import; however, variations in the type and value of shipments greatly affects the Customs process. Our customs clearance agents in Australia from Brisbane, Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne, Tullamarine, Adelaide, Perth, Fremantle and Hobart are local experts and understand the complexities of importing into their particular city and time zone. Imports into Brisbane exceeded 62,000 tonnes in 2018, albeit much lower than Sydney and Melbourne. This difference makes the collection process from Brisbane bonded facilities so much easier. Nevertheless, our Customs brokers in Brisbane still have to navigate the legalities of import clearance, just like our brokers in every other city in Australia. ACC is a Customs clearance agent providing superior Customs clearance services to a wide range of clients, from individuals and SME’s to large corporations. If you are importing a single item from the US using ‘ShopMate’ or a much larger consignment into Brisbane airport, or simply need to clear international parcels for delivery through Australia Post, we will help you clear Customs quickly and easily. Recognised as one of the best Brisbane Customs brokers around, ACC simplifies Customs clearance to ensure that your goods are free for personal pick up or are ready for pick up for delivery to their final destination within a matter of hours.


The Customs Brokers in Brisbane Who Gets Things Moving

Brisbane licensed Customs brokers are some of the best in the industry. With our Head Office based in Brisbane, our brokers have a level of knowledge of Australian Customs requirements and industry experience that is second to none. At Australian Customs Clearance, we are dedicated to eliminating the stress of importing belongings, small packages and large consignments into Australia. The trend in online shopping is showing no sign of slowing and we are fully committed to supporting our customers with their import requirements. As one of the best Customs agents in Brisbane, we have advanced knowledge of ‘ShopMate’ and can expedite the clearance of your goods while minimising duty payable as part of our ‘Duty Minimisation Guarantee’. ACC is a recognised Brisbane Customs clearance broker and agent and an ‘Australian Trusted Trader’. Our ‘Trusted Trader’ status means that we receive priority treatment at borders and priority processing. As such, our clients receive a first-rate service with their goods clearing Customs quickly and efficiently.

Get in touch with our Customs brokers at ACC we are ready to assist you with your Customs Clearance needs in Brisbane, QLD.