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Hassle-Free Customs Clearance Perth

Do you have goods arriving into Fremantle, Perth? Then allow our Customs brokers to navigate Customs clearance on your behalf. All declarations are lodged electronically, and consignments are typically released within a few hours. Importing into Perth has never been easier.

The Customs Brokers in Perth, Australia, Who Clear the Way

Known as the most isolated city on the planet, Perth is entirely surrounded by nature being flanked by the Indian Ocean and the Australian outback. This geographical isolation means that the trend in online shopping and the import and export trade are extremely viable and continue to grow at a rapid rate. Our Customs agents in Perth are highly experienced and are qualified to handle the various commodities that are imported and exported to and from Perth. If you reside in, or conduct business in Perth, and are importing goods into the country, then you will require a knowledgeable Perth Customs broker to help you with your Customs clearance needs.

At ACC, we provide superior Customs clearance services for Perth businesses, taking care of all Customs legalities for the smooth release of your goods. Our brokers provide expert advice and ensure that your exposure to duties is kept to an absolute minimum. At Australian Customs Clearance, our brokers provide practical, honest clearance advice and services that our clients rely on. If you are looking in Perth, Western Australia for a Customs broker, you may be finding the task more difficult than it needs to be. Let ACC remove the stress of Customs clearance and take care of business for you. Our Perth and Fremantle Customs brokers get the job done quickly and easily.


The Specialist Customs Broker in Perth, WA

Australian Customs Clearance provides Perth Customs clearance services to a wide range of clients. We have a strong focus on the retail market and excel at clearing large consignments through Australian Customs. ACC have proudly earned ‘Australian Trusted Trader’ status and receive priority treatment at borders and therefore obtain priority processing. With a multitude of Customs brokers and agents in Perth, there are bound to be some that offer a ‘cheaper’ service. However, Customs clearance is not something that you can afford to cut corners on. Mistakes in Customs declarations and delays in submitting documentation can prove very costly. At ACC, our Customs agents in Perth offer expert advice and provide superior clearance services at affordable prices.

We are the Australian Customs Brokers, Perth residents and businesses look to when importing goods into WA. Our national and international network enables us to offer a superior level of service and ensures that there are seldom delays in clearance of goods at the border. At Australian Customs Clearance we pride ourselves on our innovative business model and our consistent, positive customer feedback. If you are importing into Perth, WA you need a Customs clearance agent who you can rely on to prepare and submit your documentation and to facilitate a smooth transition of your goods at the border.

We can arrange the Customs clearance for your imports in Perth, WA today. Give the team at ACC a call to discuss your needs.