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Customs Broker Sydney

Affordable Customs Clearance Sydney

Importing cargo from international destinations to Sydney, NSW, Australia? The experienced team of licensed brokers at Australian Customs Clearance specialise in fast and efficient customs clearance so you can get on with business!

From personal effects arriving as part of a shipping container load, to time-sensitive pharmaceutical goods being flown into Sydney, our customs brokers have the knowledge and expertise to expedite and streamline your customs clearance processing.

Customs Clearance Agents Sydney – Servicing the Harbour City

The total value of imports into Australia - including machinery, vehicles, electronic goods, manufactured goods and food - is around $AU 400 billion each year. The pandemic has truly revealed how essential the import and export of goods is to the Australian economy, and customs clearance in Australia is likewise a very serious business.

With ever-changing rules and regulations regarding importation, engaging a licensed customs broker from Australian Customs Clearance will save you both time and money.

Utilising the world-class CargoWise One Customs clearance system, our customs brokers are able to guarantee your compliance with complex Customs regulations.

We offer cost-effective customs clearance solutions for single parcels, as well as consignments of every size. In fact, we provide a full range of customs clearance services across the logistics industry, with all solutions tailored to suit our clients' specific needs. Our customs brokers navigate the Customs and Quarantine barriers, and eliminate the worry associated with the clearance of large consignments.

With Australian Customs Clearance, importing goods into Australia has never been easier.

Customs Clearance Processing

With Sydney being arguably the busiest trade hub in Australia for both shipping and air freight, customs brokers have an important role to play in the supply chain.

Whatever the size of your shipment, engaging a reliable and experienced customs broker will ensure the swift clearance and release of your goods.

At Australian Customs Clearance, we pride ourselves on providing first-class customs clearance services that are not only affordable but are also reliable. Individuals and companies of every size have engaged us for our service excellence and our expertise. Our brokers will navigate the complexities of compliance and provide a 'Duty Minimisation Guarantee' to ensure that you pay the least amount of duty possible, to achieve the most cost-effective outcome for you.

Trusted Customs Broker Sydney

At Australian Customs Clearance, we are accredited as an Australian Trusted Trader. That means we receive priority processing, so we can provide fast and efficient clearance for your goods. Regardless of where your goods are being shipped, our licensed customs brokers in Sydney will expedite the clearance of all parcels, personal effects and cargo for a quick pick-up or delivery to their final destination. We understand that time is money for your business, and any delay in the release of your goods can be detrimental. That’s why your business is our business. At ACC, our Sydney customs brokers recognise that every single item and consignment is of value to our clients, and as such we place a high priority on each and every job.

For best results, we highly recommend talking to one of our customs brokers even before beginning the importation process. However no matter what stage your goods are at, our agents are to help - contact us today!