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Why have my goods been stopped by Customs (Australian Border force) or Quarantine (Biosecurity)?

Your goods will be stopped if they meet ANY of the following criteria:

  1. Have a value of over AU$1000
  2. Contain alcohol or tobacco of ANY quantity or value.
  3. Contain goods of Customs interest.
  4. Contain any Customs Prohibited or Restricted Imports.
  5. Contain wood, plant, animal or other biological materials.
    Commonly known as Biosecurity Risk Materials (BRM).

Note: The above is a guide only. Both the ABF and Biosecurity have the right to intervene on any and all shipments entering Australian borders. All costs associated with goods being imported into Australia are the responsibility of the person or entity importing the goods. Australian Customs Clearance passes these costs on at cost as disbursements for all regulator intervention. All costs incurred by depots and approved premises where cargo arrives is payable by the importer directly to the depot owner, prior to the release of all cargo.