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Terms & Conditions

  1. Authority to Act, means the client gives permission for ACC/3DL to act on their behalf in dealing with Government agencies.

  2. The ACC, Duty minimisation Guarantee is effective for 4 years from date of import. This guarantee is in place on the condition that the importer/owner answers all questions asked by ACC and correct documentation is provided. Therefore, this only applies in the event ACC errs in its processing of entries.

  3. Time frames for entry turnarounds mean only the normal hours of business are counted in this calculation and only begin once all documentation and information, required to complete the entry on your behalf, is received. Hours of business are 0830 to 1830 Monday to Friday, and 1000 to 1400 Saturdays. All Gazetted Public holidays and hours outside these times are excluded.

  4. ACC/3DL does not accept any claims whatsoever for goods that are damaged at any stage of the supply chain, including whilst in ACC/3DL possession. It is the responsibility of the owner/Importer to ensure they have appropriate insurances in place.

  5. It is acknowledged that Full terms and conditions have been read and agreed upon prior to initiating ACC/3DL services.

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Disclaimer: Clearances with Government intervention beyond ACC control and commercial invoices with greater than 10 product listed are excluded from time lines.