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Are You Entitled to A Customs Duty Refund?

Have you been paying too much Customs Duty?

Importing into Australia can be a complex process, and all too often unwary individuals or businesses pay too much in import duty, due to incorrect paperwork or human error. When you consider that in Australia, duty rates can be up to 5%, that can really add up!

Under some circumstances, you may be entitled to a customs duty refund.

Our Customs specialists have extensive knowledge of Australian Customs legislation, keeping up to date on the ever-changing rules and regulations - and we can assist you to see if you're eligible for a refund.

As the only Australian customs brokerage to offer a "Duty Minimisation Guarantee", our team has been trained to take advantage of all opportunities to reduce the duty on your goods, including 'Free Trade Agreements' (FTA's), 'Tariff Concession Orders' (TCO's) and the 'Duty Drawback Scheme'.

How long do I have to request a customs duty refund?

Import duty refunds can be requested up to four years after the goods have been imported.

Are there any situations where I’m not eligible?

There are some circumstances where you may not be eligible, however, our customs brokers can navigate the complex rules for you and provide expert advice and guidance.

As an example, if you have received a duty drawback for the goods (or intend to), or have already claimed GST on them, you're unfortunately unable to request an import duty refund.

You also won't be eligible if you've returned the goods to the supplier because of a change of mind or if they do not fit, or if they do not conform to contract specifications given by you.

I want to see if I’m entitled to a refund. What's the process?

1. Use the free calculator on this page to check if you are entitled to a customs duty refund.

2. Alternatively, contact our expert customs brokers today.

3. We'll get in touch to discuss how to achieve the most cost-effective outcome for you!

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